This is our high intensity, high energy class. A coach led session that offers workouts consisting of body weight, dumbbell and kettlebell movements, alongside bikes, ski ergs and rowing. These are combined together in a variety of formats to provide a fun, challenging and mixed workout to drive you towards achieving your goals. 

In and out in 45 minutes, this option is perfect for those with a busy schedule, family life or work commitments, who want a short and sharp fitness hit. We like to think of these sessions as a classic Bootcamp class or HIIT session with the added benefit of an experienced coach on hand to take you through the movements we’ll be using in the class and personalise anything necessary to your needs or goals. You’ll also have the use of kit and equipment you may not find at a bootcamp class as we have listed above! We cannot promise you’ll always fully enjoy the Assault Bike in particular…but it sure does get you fit!

Lastly, no workout will ever be the same. We’re committed to making sure our workouts are jam packed full of variety, intensity, and are engaging, meaning you’re never bored or feel like you haven’t had an awesome session!