The Forged Fundamentals is our beginners’ course for those that are either completely new to CrossFit style training, exercise in general, or for those that haven’t been in a gym for a while. If you have not been to a performance class before and are ready to take on the challenge to learn more and perform better every day, then this is the program for you. This program will guide you through all the techniques and methodologies found in our CrossFit program.

We run our Fundamentals sessions every Monday night, where we’ll take you through the movements, lifts and techniques you’ll be using during our regular CrossFit classes. During our normal CrossFit class you will always spend time going through every movement with the coach, but this extra time and attention allows you to really nail it before heading into regular training.

We take a steady approach, not adding any weight or too much complexity until both you and your coach are happy with your technique and understanding of the movement. After you’ve completed the fundamentals session you will be up to speed and have a solid understanding of any movements you may see during the CrossFit classes.

Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll then be left to your own devices, each and every class we run is led by one of our coaches, whose job it is to provide scaled or adapted options to any movements you might not have completely nailed yet.

This session will also still be open to you once you’ve started your full membership, in case you want to revisit any tricky movements and really hone in on that technique.