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live better




They’re hard to set, and even harder to reach. But with the guidance of our expert coaches, we’ll help get you there! Short-term and long-term goals alike, a deliberate target will help motivate and drive you to commit to, and be all in on your health and fitness journey.

CrossFit Gyms all over the world are well known for their friendly, welcoming and supportive communities and Forged Training is  no different! 

We pride ourselves on our community and they make us who we are! 

Our staff come from a huge variety of sporting backgrounds, however, they all have a major passion for fitness, CrossFit and helping people! 

All of our coaches are CrossFit Certified and Qualified. 

As well as over 60 sessions per week for you to choose from, all of our classes are designed for anyone and everyone. 

Whether you are just starting out, have been doing CrossFit for a while, our staff are on hand to make sure you get the most out of every session!


“What you get with Forged is a personal touch compared to a regular gym. The classes are small and each coach knows you personally, your strengths and weaknesses , when to push you and when to hold it back. Each session is new and exciting and it really keeps you on your toes and aids your progression.”

“After years spent in traditional gyms and hitting stagnation I decided to try something new. Best thing I ever did! The coaches offer a friendly but challenging environment and they will get the very best out of you. Forged is family-like environment, and it makes my day going to the workouts.”



Getting started with us is easy, whether you are ready to jump right into classes or aren't sure where you need to start, we are here to help!

Sign up for a Free 7 Day Pass and get to know what we’re all about! Get a feel for our coaches, community, classes, and how we can help you! If you aren't sure on the right path for you, schedule a tour!

 Join us for a Fundamentals class and we will guide you through all of the techniques and methodologies found in our CrossFit Program, OR choose your membership and start right away!

You have a plan and now you have a community. It’s time to get on the road to becoming the best version of yourself!​