Our high intensity, high energy program. A coach led class that offers workouts comprised of body weight, dumbbell and kettlebell movements; alongside bikes, ski ergs and rowing. These are combined together in varied formats to provide a fun, challenging and mixed workout. 

Our CrossFit Program. A class led by one of our expert, fully qualified coaches; guiding you through gymnastics, weightlifting, skill and metcon workouts. Our performance programming is designed to efficiently, and effectively prepare you for all of life’s physical challenges. 

Our beginners program. If you have not been to a performance class before, and are ready to take on the challenge to learn more and perform better everyday, then this is the program for you. This 4-week program will guide you through all of the techniques and methodologies found in our performance program. 

Our remote programming designed for the competitive athlete. We offer programs to suit all levels, with specific programs ranging from strength, engine, gymnastics or sspp. We also offer individualised programming to work towards your personal goals; this is designed to fit your schedule and work around any movement restrictions. 

Our kids program. With classes running at both sites, sessions are available for 9-11 and 11-15 year olds. Instilling fitness for life is important to us, with the hope of igniting a passion for health, fitness and sport for their future. Our kids classes run in line with our performance program, with a focus on moving well and providing a safe, fun environment to exercise and learn.